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We providing a whole solution of broadcast services of TV channels and prospective customers,
through the latest techniques and equipment managed by professional team.

TV Channels Broadcasting

"Navigators" Provides a complete set of services to Establish your Satellite TV Channels starting from the idea...


"NavigatorsJo" provides high speed internet connection to Stream the Channel Broadcast...

Playout & Content Managment

Robust with the option to implement redundancy for peace of mind, the 24-hour playout facility at our main teleport...

SMS & IVR Services

provides International IVR number and Short-Codes for a wide range of Service Providers along the Arab World...

Satellite TV Channel Operations

"NavigatorsJo" staff do play the playing list with all the material based on the set time schedules...

Smart Devices Apps

Backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, Firefox OS is an open platform that fosters greater

Film Producing And Graphic Design

"Navigators" provide a comprehensive Film producing and graphic design services...


"Navigators" assists you in delivering the broadcast material to the channel’s server, and coordinate between the channel offices...

Live Brodcasting

"Navigators" provides highly equipped studios in high levels of technologies managed by trained and professional team of technicians and engineers...

Technical Support

"Navigators" solves all related problems and issues concerning the channel broadcasting, and its status on the screen...


"Navigators" excels in staff training. Based on our philosophy of partnering with our clients, we organize and implements training programs with the highest...

NavigatorsJo Social Responsibility

Our companies provide free services as a kind of support to community organizations
NAYA for Community development, One community Society and Coexistence Initiative
as well as the training of university students in our companies.

Training Application

Our Clients

Iqraa TV


Al Sahraa TV


Al Abel


Al Nokhbah TV


Al Shefaa TV


Awdeh TV


Adasetna 3aleek TV


Al Ziraea TV


Al Moltaqa TV


Al Moltaqa Al Arabi TV


Al Hazm TV


Al Taif TV


Rawasi TV


Sawt Al Arab TV




Our Process

NavigatorsJo process have a flexible phased workflow that allows us to
focus on what you're looking for and deliver you what you need, on time and on budget.













About Us

We Understand Small Besiness growth, WE WERE ONE

Navigatorsjo | Satellite Services

" NavigatorsJo " For TV Channel Services" is operating in Middel East (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, UAE and Egypt) , specialized in Media and Satallite Technologies.
WE insures a high level of professionalism with high level of resources management, by dedicating a highly trained and professional Team.

WE Providing all that helps in shaping the Satellite Channels, moving it from the status of an idea to the status of reality.

WE are proud of achieving this vision by depending on a vast range of experts from the top levels of Media.


Providing a whole solution of broadcast services of TV channels and prospective customers, through the latest techniques and equipment managed by professional team.


Transport our client’s idea from earth to SAT.

We understand a small business growth, WE WERE ONE

NavigatorsJo Umbrella

NavigatorsJo has two companies working in the field of marketing and IT solutions,
We are still working on joining and establishing many companies that are fulfilling our vision for the future

JoCoderz | IT Solutions

is "THE" address of the specialized Information Technologies in MENA region.
Operating from the capital Amman-Jordan, and reaching with our operations and partnerships Egypt, UAE, KSA, and USA.
Providing a vast range of IT solutions fulfill our client needs.

JoMarketers | Marketing Services

We are a dynamic and versatile, full service Marketing Communications agency.
Staffed entirely by professionals who between them have many years of marketing communications experience.
We deliver highly effective creative solutions across a wide range of disciplines.

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Meet Our Team

Ashraf Manaseer

Founder - Managing Director
  • M.B.A In Business Administration.
  • Navigators, JoCoderz Founder & Managing Director.
  • Liteutenant Colonel - Jordanian Armed Forces.

Eng. Bilal Bourini

Operations Director
  • B.Sc. in Software Engineering.
  • Technical Support Manager NAVIGATORS JO.
  • Technical Officer - Royal Jordanian Airline.

Ziad Abbadi

Puplic Relations Director
  • B.Sc. In Puplic Administration.
  • Puplic Relations Director - Navigatorsjo Group.
  • Liteutenant Colonel - Jordanian Armed Forces.

Sarah Hawari

Digital Marketing Specialist
  • B.Sc. In Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist - NavigatorsJo Group.
  • e-Commerce Account Manager - Pencil Marketing Services.

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